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Hillsborough County – Covid Vaccine Signup Info.

How Do I Request an Appointment

To request an appointment please call 1-866-200-3896 or TTY 1-833-476-1029.

What You Need to Know

Who can get the vaccine?
Currently, Hillsborough County is distributing the vaccine to residents age 65 and older and front-line health care workers.

Is there a cost to be vaccinated?
There is no out-of-pocket cost to be vaccinated.

Are appointments required?
Yes, appointments are mandatory. There will be no vaccines for persons without appointments.

Helpful FAQs

Do I need to be a Hillsborough County resident to be vaccinated at these sites?
The state of Florida is prioritizing Florida residents for the COVID-19 vaccine. The recipient of the vaccine must be able to demonstrate residency consistent with the criteria set forth by the state of Florida or be present in Florida for the purpose of providing health care services involving direct contact with patients. Appointments are mandatory.

Why aren’t there more appointments available?
Quantities of the vaccine are limited, and demand is overwhelming. Currently, the number of appointments is based on the number of doses available. As availability of the vaccine grows and demand evens out, it will be easier to ensure everyone who qualifies receives an appointment.

How many doses of the vaccine are required?
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the two authorized and recommended vaccines to prevent COVID-19 in the United States both need two doses to be most effective.

What vaccine will be available at the public dispensing sites?
The type of vaccine depends on supplies provided by the state. Ask the health care worker who is administering the injection what type is being dispensed that day for first-time recipients.

Can I arrive early for my appointment?
No. Please arrive during your appointment time window. Do not arrive ahead of your scheduled appointment time. Those arriving early will be turned away and instructed to return during their appointment time window.